Update History

This site has been boring people sporadically since 1996.

I posted my first website on the Internet in 1996 and revised it many times. In fact, here is a snapshot of the original, which is worth a laugh!  Most of the links on the old site are dead, but I'm sentimental about it. Late in 1998 the site went on hiatus and it did not reappear until May 2000, when the current incarnation was first served.  It has been available nearly continuously since that time. I registered judethomas.com in January 2003 in order to give the site a more permanent home.

7-13-10: Added a page here with GPS and route data information from our recent hike in MacGillycuddy's Reeks in Ireland

3-18-09: New system build complete! Details on the Inside page

3-17-09: I'm such a slacker. Most of my updates go into my Facebook page these days.  I have several long overdue photo albums in the works to add here, hopefully soon.

10-28-07: Added apple picking/hiking photos here

10-10-07: Added Tappan Zee Bike Tour for MS photos here

1-14-07: Added New Zealand trip/wedding photos here.

8-6-06: Updated the latest image

3-2-06: Performed some long-overdue maintenance on the site! Also added a new latest image, a new link on the home page, and some new photos.

6-2-06: Added some photos to the image page and updated the running pages.

5-9-06: Victory.  On the first try, no less.

3-2-06: Performed some long-overdue maintenance on the site! Also added a new latest image, a new link on the home page, and some new photos.

9-6-05: My new ISP is not as friendly as my old one, so I moved the website off of my home machine and to a commercial server. Much thanks to Finger Lakes Computer Consulting for making the transition seamless!

8-1-05: Received this fancy letter from Governor Rendell today. I'm not sure why the Governor cares that I won a writing contest, but it was very kind of him to send a note!

7-26-05: Updated my counters here

7-9-05: Added photos from my Ireland trip here

4-6-05: Added some new law school-related counters. Oh so close...

1-17-05: New latest image posted. I'm still working on other new photos from Polar Bear 2005, etc.

1-3-05: Polar Bear Plunge 2005 was everything I've come to expect and more... photos coming soon!

12-31-04: Wow. The number of hits that this site has been getting from people who are looking for information about the Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club (and who wind up on my PBC 2003 and 2004 pages) is amazing. I've even received a dozen or so emails from some friendly locals looking for information about the plunge. I wonder if I should be concerned that so many people are looking at pictures of me half-naked.

11-14-04: Resurrected a page that I created over eight years ago, just for fun. The page serves as a sort of spider web for catching people whom I used to know (and haven't seen in a while) as they surf around the Internet. This is achieved through the use of keyword meta tags containing their names.

9-29-04: As part of my continuing efforts to network (in both sense of the word), I overhauled the website and divided it into two sections: my personal pages and my professional pages

9-12-04: Ran the Erie Marathon today in 3:26:21... "tired" has a whole new meaning. Recap to follow.

8-10-04: The website that would not perish... After several months of technical difficulties and the longest outage in its (yawn) quiet 4+ year history, this site is back up and running... I think.

4-23-04: Updated my resume

3-1-04: Site was down for a few days due to some ISP issues

2-7-04: New latest image posted here

1-5-04: Polar Bear Club 2004 photos posted here

1-2-04: Took the Polar Bear plunge again on New Years day... images coming shortly. Also finally got around to completing the About Me page. My life story in 211 words...

12-10-03: Added a new quote by Robert Browning to this page, which seems pretty appropriate.

11-3-03: Live and learn... the site was down for about 24 hours after I upgraded the firmware in my router and forgot to reopen all of the relevant ports... you can't lose track of the little things I guess.

10-12-03: Added a new latest image and a new slide show of some rock climbing to the image page

10-9-03: Upstream bandwidth issue has been corrected. This site should load much more quickly now.

10-4-03: Working to identify a new server bandwidth problem  which is constraining upload speeds. Speed tests show download speeds at 1.5 mbit/sec but upload speeds at only ~ 17 kb/sec. Until I figure it out accessing content on this site will be very slow...sorry.

9-3-03: New background image added; details on About These Pages

8-29-03: New images added; curriculum vitae updated and now in PDF format on the About Me pages; new information and a new image appears on the About These Pages section.

8-9-03: Server hardware upgrades complete. New specs are listed at about these pages. Running pages results updated weekly. Images undergoing reorganization. 

7-20-03: The server is undergoing substantial hardware upgrades. Outages may occur in the interim.

7-16-03: Site was down last night due to a server outage during a storm. 

7-14-03: Moved the "latest image" link over to become a permanent link on the main menu and added a new latest image.

7-9-03: Began reorganization of all of the images on the site and moved them to a new page (still under construction). Also began revising and updating the scrapbook, and compressed the background image so that it will load approximately 50% faster.

6-21-03: Gave the site a comprehensive, long-overdue facelift.

6-20-03: Western Reserve Academy reunion 2003 photos added here

6-16-03: A few snapshots of a 5K race I ran this past weekend are here

6-13-03: Added a new calendar of regional foot races, accessible on the running pages

6-5-03: New: SKULLAPALLOZA 2003 captured on film.

6-3-03: Added a new latest image.

4-18-03: This site is still being updated, albeit subtly. I'll have more free time to play with it this summer.

1-18-03: Domain name judethomas.com registration complete. The new address for this site is now http://www.judethomas.com. The old address (http://jude.homeip.net) is still functional for now.

1-17-03: Updated Site Index with additional content.

1-11-03: Beta test failed! The hard drive is cooked. I guess that just goes to show that building a machine out of spare parts really can create a monster. Back to the drawing board...

1-11-03: Beta-testing a new server set-up: I built a Frankenstein-style second computer (spare parts) to function as a dedicated server and then I moved the web server to it. If all goes well, "Franky" should provide more stable web serving and 24/7 streaming Jude Radio. Next step: domain name registration!

1-2-03: New photo album: the Polar Bear Club!

11-23-02: Added a new latest image.

10-17-02: Added a new running journal entry and a new latest image. It's like Christmas, isn't it?

8-7-02: Added a list of bicycle repair shops to the mountain biking pages

8-3-02: Added a running calculator to the running pages and a law school end counter in order to catch a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel (and now you can too.)

7-31-02: Added an image page to the mountain biking pages.

7-18-02: Added a race calendar link to the running pages and some new material to the mountain biking pages

6-6-02: Began work on a new set of pages dedicated to mountain biking, with no particular goal in mind. Ah, summertime....

4-26-02: You thought it would never happen: another running journal update is here. Check it out on the running pages.

4-21-02: Performed some site maintenance and changed the latest image

4-12-02: Site went down unexpectedly this morning... thousands of users complained... Ok, actually my system just crashed. I'm running the server on a WinXP box and this was the first unexpected crash. Then again, we're talking Microsoft here --  perhaps 'unexpected' is too strong a word... Anyway, did some site maintenance which included cleaning up the running links and race results.

4-10-02: Fixed a glitch on the Running Pages... more specifically fixed the link TO the running pages, which was pointing to someone else's website. I'm only human.

2-28-02: "Latest Image" link (below) is new and improved. The idea is to create a repository for new pictures as I acquire them, obviating the need to constantly rebuild my scrapbook

2-15-02: Did some general site maintenance and clean up. Added a link to show my latest less-than photogenic moment, to be updated periodically (see below).

1-19-02: Site was down for a few hours as I moved to a new ISP. Page loading should now be faster.

1-7-02: Updated results on Running Pages

12-26-01: Changed the background image... finally. Hopefully the new image is easier on the eyes than my previous excuse for 'art'; also, it should load a little more quickly. How much of the picture you see will depend upon your monitor resolution and your browser. For more information and a full view of this photograph, click here. Also added the beginnings of a site index to the main links in order to keep track of all the transient material that graces these pages

11-27-01: Updated the technical specs on "About These Pages" and added a Lance Armstrong quote & article, over there -->

11-12-01: My ISP dropped the ball and as a result my server was down for a few days, but all is apparently well again. Now I have to read thirty e-mails... sheesh.

10-21-01: New system is up and running. I haven't updated the technical description yet on the "About These Pages" section, but the basics are: AMD 1.4GHz cpu, Abit KG7-RAID motherboard, 256 MB DDR RAM, GeForce2 Pro video card w/ 64 MB RAM, etc. I also cleaned up my CV on the "About Me" section. 

8-19-01: I'm famous... sort of.

8-18-01: Switched to a new and vastly simpler personal web server called Simple Server: WWW. It's available for free at AnalogX and it's much easier to use than Microsoft's PWS, not to mention that the installation is brainless. The only thing I can't get to work as it did before is the hit counter, but I'm on the case...

8-15-01: Thanks to a grant from Uncle Sam (actually Uncle George W.) I'm in the process of upgrading my system, so the server (and therefore this website) will be up and down for a bit while I sort things out.  Data on the race results page may also be a little behind until everything is back together. Keep checking back.

8-01-01: Added a few images of my latest "investment" here

7-27-01: Added meta tags with keyword data to feed the search engines. I realized that the web bots at "Google" managed to find my site so I figured I'd better just circulate my own set of more relevant keywords

7-15-01: Cleaned up the running pages

7-12-01: I moved and so did my PC/server and ISP. Techy-stuff updated appropriately on the "About These Pages" section

6-7-01: Finally got around to recapping the 2000 UPMC City of Pittsburgh Marathon in my running journal

6-1-01: BIG NEWS... jumped through another hoop successfully

5-13-01: Added some new personal bests to the running pages, added password protection java applet to the running journal

4-29-01: Did some link maintenance on the Running Links page and added a few new sites; also added a few pics to the running photos page 

4-24-01: Updated my curriculum vitae (see About Me link), added Personal Best times page to Running Pages

2-10-01: Added running photos link to running pages. 

11-27-00: Changed dynamic server YET again: I am now located at http://jude.homeip.net. Please update your bookmarks/favorites to reflect this, as http://youngdoc.selfhost.com and http://youngdoc.ods.org have proven to be less reliable than http://jude.homeip.net, and I may not continue to utilize these latter two services. See the "About These Pages" link for more information. Thanks!

10-27-00: Changed dynamic server to http://youngdoc.selfhost.com. ODS in technical jeopardy.

May 2000: New site generated


History of earlier incarnations of this site may be found here