Mountain Biking Pages
(this page is now very, very outdated and I should probably kill it, but I'm nostalgic...)

Mountain biking is one of my newer passions and I've decided that it deserves a page of its own on my website. The informational links should be fairly useful to anyone who likes to ride, whether on technical single track or just on paved paths through the woods. Eventually I will combine all of my mountain biking photos into one set on these pages for an entertaining collection. Note: although I've done equally stupid things on my bike, I am not the guy in the picture below.

Mountain Biking Images
Here you will find rare evidence demonstrating that I actually ride a mountain bike.

Mountain Biking in Western PA
A descriptive guide to where to ride in Western PA, how to get there, and what to expect. Trail Reviews
A searchable database of trails all over the world with ratings and reviews by local riders
An excellent resource with ride guides, maps, and a bulletin board

Rock Shox Quadra manuals (pdf):
Service manual
Owner's manual

Bike Repair Shops in Pittsburgh
Listings of 35+ places to take your bike for repairs in the Pittsburgh region

Pennsylvania Rails to Trails
The Rails-to-Trails Database was created in response to the Pennsylvania Rails-to-Trails Act. This act was established to facilitate the conversion of abandoned railroads into public recreational trails. The act requires the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to maintain an inventory of the railroad abandonments in Pennsylvania and make the inventory available to the public.

I.M.B.A. Rules of the Trail
Be a good mountain biker