Planet's Edge

A Search for the People Who Slipped Off...

Jude A. Thomas

This page was originally posted on the Internet in 1996. Just for fun, I decided to bring it back in November 2004 and I'm happy that I did, because Kelleigh Miller found me via this page in 2005 and she is now my wife. It's interesting to see some of the changes that have taken place since I first put it together, especially in light of the growth of the Internet over the years. This page even has a sort of 90's website look and feel to it, if there is such a thing. Keep in mind that this material was written more than a dozen years ago!

  What's this page all about? Gimme the short version, and quick!

This page contains a list of everyone I can think of who I lost track of, one way or another. It's the "lost:" section in my personal classified ads. This gets slightly more interesting, I promise...

  Why bother?

Don't you ever wonder what happened to your best friend from the second grade? Or that almost-but-not-quite romantic interest who's number you lost in college? I do. Well, not necessarily those specific examples, but there are a lot of people I've known who have dropped off of the edge of my side of the planet. People pass in and out of our lives like traffic on a busy street. You'd probably be surprised at the number of people you've known (and liked) over the years who you will likely never see again. At any rate, I don't really expect to run into all of them in an airport. Then again, maybe that's what happens when you die: heaven is just a big airport where everyone you've ever known is coming in on an arriving flight...

  You've flipped, Jude. Where do you come up with this garbage?

Ok, ok, so maybe not everyone is as sentimental as I am. The truth is, I tend to regard the past with some seriousness. I take stock in the theory that who and what we are is the sum total of our experiences, and those experiences include the people we have known. Therefore, understanding our peers helps us to better understand ourselves. You might call it "social genetics"--the traits we inherit from others through interaction. I wonder if that term has already been coined?

  Ok, I'll bite. But what do you really expect to accomplish here, in WWW-land?

The World Wide Web provides an opportunity for communication that has never before existed; this is quickly becoming universally realized [ed. note - this HAS become universally realized since I first thought about it in 1996, although of course I was not the first to think about it]. Search engines, fingering, and web links seemingly should reduce the randomness of chance encounter between ordinary persons. In other words, we may not all have access to the FBI's database, but more and more of us have the Internet at our disposal everyday. It is almost dizzying to try to imagine what twenty or even ten more years of Internet progress will do to the comfortable anonymity to which we have become accustomed. But I digress...the point is this: it'll be interesting to see how many of these people (if any) will actually turn up because of this page. A good search engine tweaked with the right parameters may land one of the people listed below on this page. Or, it may land someone who knows one of these people on this page, etc., etc. You get the picture...

  Stop babbling! Just show me the stupid list!



Last Known Location


Jennifer Bivens

The only person I knew who was from my hometown AND went to my prep school

Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, Ohio

 Located via Facebook 2008

Jeff Caimi

A prep school friend and fellow x-c runner; aka "Javier"

Grew up in Hudson, Ohio. Now in NYC?

Located in NYC in 1999, but then I lost his address; located again via Facebook 2008

Matthew Felber

Prep school friend.


Located via internet January 2005. Sadly deceased. 2010.

Chris Headings

Best friend in 8th & 9th grade, lived in my hometown

Moved from my town to Conyngham, PA, and then disappeared


Imran Afzal

College friend and classmate, lived in my dorm

W&J College early 90's.


Lee Daniels

Worked and went to college & dental school together


Found via mutual contact

Andy Donato

Lived in the same building while I was in dental school and he was in medical school, both at U. of Pittsburgh.

Finished med school and flew south with the USAF


Dave Fox

Frat brother, artist, occasional maniac. OK, not really. Great guy.

Reportedly in the D.C. area

Facebook friend

Ron Juratovac

Fellow waiter/host at "The Italian Oven" restaurant in '93.

Mount Oliver section of Pittsburgh

Located via Internet 2006

Quan Luc

Lived in my building, kept me up late at night when I was trying to study for my dental boards.

Moved back to California to work in politics.


Jeff Siperstein

Fraternity brother, aka "Sippy"

Grad. school somewhere in the south, or back home in New Jersey

Located 1996, 2006

Dave Tachna

Fraternity brother who got along with everyone

Podiatry school in Philadelphia. Now living somewhere in the south.

Located via Internet

Robert Thaeler

We grew up, ran, cycled, and hung out together

Gettysburg, PA area.

Located via Internet

Andy (Anders) Tyslan

My fraternity brother's girlfriend's roommate... or something like that.


Located via Internet 2006

David Vangura

Fraternity brother, M.D., aka "High Speed, Low Drag"

Graduated med school and ran off with the army

Located via Internet 2005

Doug Zimmerman

Frat brother, accountant, summer-school cohort

Took a job with a company in the D.C. area. Rumored to be in D.C. still

Located via  Facebook

Mary Allen

Dental hygienist friend while I was in dental school. Kept my teeth shiny!

Married, gave birth, and settled around Pittsburgh somewhere


Greg Engel

Dental school friend & a better guitar player than me

Finished dental school and ran away with the Navy


Kelleigh Miller

Met her in college...we have the same birthday

Graduated from Point Park College in Pittsburgh, PA

Located via Internet Feb. 2005.  Married her in 2007!

Jeff Simmons

Dental school friend & research partner

South Carolina.

Located via Internet

April Sutton

Friend/ girlfriend in ninth, tenth grade

West Virginia

Located via Internet 2006

James Lee

Prep school friend, artist, aspiring physician


Located 2005

Paul Triggiani

Prep school friend, roommate, teammate

Western Reserve Academy.  Now in NY?


Sachin Apte

Prep school friend and fellow cyclist

Stowe, Ohio

 Located via Internet 2008

Neville Douglas

Prep school friend.  True blue.

Hometown was Cleveland, Ohio


Matthew "Tuggy" Fifer

Prep school friend, very talented guitarist, all around great guy.

Boston area.

Located via Internet

Dana Pawlicki

Prep School friend. 

Lived in Hudson, Ohio.  Now NYC.

Located via Internet.

Scott Benson

Prep school friend and mathematical genius--could solve 98,858,372 x 46,959,822 in his head...quickly

Went to college somewhere in the Northeast. Rumored to be working for Google.

 Located via mutual friend/Internet 2008

Keith Lowe

Prep school friend, genuinely nice guy, and talented athlete.

Grew up around Pittsburgh, PA, and went on to play college football in Boston. Now married and living in North Carolina.

Located via Internet

Andrew Mulcahy

Prep school cross country teammate; the only person from Australia I have ever known

Went back to his home in Shepparton, Victoria, in Australia.  Now in the UK.

Located  via Internet

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