Running Pages


They're out there, and at just about every race you'll see one: a runner with a phrase printed across the back of his or her t-shirt. I started watching for them in 1999 and I've been collecting my favorites at races ever since. Some of them are humorous, others boastful, and still others just plain determined. Here are my favorites:


13. "Trample the weak, hurdle the bodies"

12. "I'm slow. I know. Get over it."

11. "Our sport is your sport's punishment"

10. "Your toughest competition is the little voice inside your head telling you to stop"

9. "Pain is just weakness leaving your body"

8. "Quitting is not an option"

7. "Pain is the Purifier"

6. "When you win, nothing hurts"

5. "Runners: yeah, we're different"

4. "Get off the porch and run"

3. "Pain is temporary, pride is forever"

2. "Ask me about runner's ass"

1. "Run like you stole something"